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Made too hard to win

They make this game way too hard to win just when you’re on the verge of winning it doesn’t give you the combinations to win you could be on one level for over a week


Beware of purchasing in app. This game stole over 400 coins for me. I would select boosters or extra moves and the game would crash and take my coins. I notified support and all I got was an apology for the game freezing. I’m done.


Best game ever

Keeps crashing

I really like this game, but if I got into a previous world it keeps crashing! I closed all of my apps, turned the phone off and back on, and it is STILL doing it! When it is fixed, I'll rate it higher.

Why change? Part II

Second complaint about update. Since you’ve changed the game I’ve lose over 100 coins due to game freezing and crashing when I purchase extra moves or bullets. You need to fix these changes ASAP

Jerome keeps hitting me...

On level 550 (go ahead, make fun) while fighting Jerome, if he happens to get a chance to punch, it glitches and he never stops punching. I love the game otherwise but the glitch is difficult to get around.

Please fix

I love this game and was playing it daily. Since doing an update on iPhone the app will not open. Please fix so I can play again. Thanks

Needs fixing

My game is glitching. After the opening credits all I see is a black screen. Highly annoying. Please fix.

Promise collectibles then don't deliver

Stop promising collectibles and then not delivering any. We all have tons of uranium with nothing to spend it on! And fix the glitch that only allows 58 out of 60 stars in the Oceanside Retirement Community. I have 60 stars but it only says 58. I have filled out a ticket MULTIPLE times!!!!!!!!!!!! Removed one star for lame/fake concern over a known issue!!! Minus one more star for not really responding or reading my complaint. I HAVE FILLED OUT THE FORM!!!!!! Many many times

Keeps freezing when I spend coins for extra moves

I love this game, but I am getting sick and tired of it freezing on me when I spend my coins to continue playing a level. It’s not fair! Also, can we please stop with the duplicates in the mystery boxes?? There are so many things I need to complete and I can’t because I keep getting duplicates. Please fix this stuff because I love this game but I am getting more frustrated with it to where I don’t want to play anymore.


I really love this game and all of the perks you can get if you play enough, which I do. Although I do have a little issue that happened a few times plus my hourly perk that didn’t show up at he beginning of each of my games tonight. So I passed the “Tommy” awards twice and I didn’t get the extra uranium that I was supposed to get. Then when playing a boss, I put an extra round for 25 coins, the extra round froze but my coins were taken (two times) than on the gasoline part, I was supposed to get extra 5 turns, a star and 5-15 uranium and I did not get those. I wasn’t going to say anything but it took most of my coins and now I’m stuck lol gotta wait a little while to get some coins and/or lives.


I played this game for almost 8 months, got to level 450 and had such a desire to hurt myself that I had to delete it 5/5 tho


Ever since the new update last week, the game has been glitching. If I try to use coins to get extra moves it take the coins but freezes the game. I have to restart it and I still lost the coins. I’ve lost about 100 coins because of this. I absolutely love this game but this is making me want to quit playing.


One of my favorite games and T.V shows. 👍🏽👍🏽 ok now I’ve been playing this game for quite some time and it still hasn’t become boring to me Nd I love the fact that it’s challenging and funny. I’m a very BIG FAN OF ALL SETH MCFARLANDS WORK but my favorite is FAMILY GUY AND THE CLEVELAND SHOW I REALLY REALLY WISH THEY WOULD BRING IT BACK Cause we all love the Cleveland show in my house hold 👍🏽👍🏽💯😂😂😭😭


I love this game. I play it everyday. I recently just updated the game and I just want to say the new design/graphics of the drinks for the game is not good. I have a slight vision problem and the drinks look jumbled up together with the new updated design. The old version worked really well. This 3D design makes it very hard and just weird looking.

Stole coins

I paid for coins and bought a star and 5 extra moves. Did get them but it took my coins. Messaged support twice but never heard back

It’s cool

Can you bring back getting lives for watching an ad

Game keeps freezing

This game is fun but it keeps freezing. And the only way to continue playing is to restart phone and you loose your coins that you would use to continue in game

Losing coins, game freezes

While I like the game itself, I keep having issues with the game freezing when I go to “continue a level” I lose coins when this happens and there’s no way to get hem back without buying more. I feel like this is an intentional developer glitch in order to make people spend money. I am disappointed and annoyed.

Missing the box

I love that the glitches where fixed and appreciate that but I really wish you didn’t get rid of the box the way you did

Stolen coins

This game is a ton of fun but I have recently had an issue with using 25 coins to get five more moves and my game freezing. Two times this has happened and both times I’ve had to close the app causing me to lose the level and my coins.


Game has gone down hill since an update or so ago. The prizes aren’t as good as they used to be. I used to play it all the time. Not as much so now, Seems like it’s been updated to make users almost have to pay money to play or advance. :(.

Great game

I love this game and I’m hooked , but for some weird reason today I’m trying to open the app and it’s not even opening

Great game!

Hilarious, addictive, and tons of fun!

I'm am peter griffins NIPPLE

I'm more than a fan I'm the wind in the fan and this game is AMAZING I was so stoked that they made another family guy game keep them coming ! -C⭕️SMIC- on


I’m on level 90 n there is time when I get to level 3 and the chicken hits double back n the game will freeze. And there is a lot of levels where u need more then the few lives u give us! I like the game but the glitches are aggy


It needs a lot of work done to it it constantly closes on me it won't let me connect to Facebook because it says my internet connection is down but everything else connects to the internet fine. I'm finally done redownloading it just to play


I really liked it at first. But then it became impossible to pass a level without spending money. Even spending money it’s still impossible...and buying those coins are not cheap. Total sham. Deleting and moving on.

Another pay to win game.

So many complaints about this game but the biggest one is that it is strictly pay to win. With most games like this you will occasionally be rewarded with something useful like coins or some form of currency that will enable to to buy power ups or something, but with this one you get “rewarded” with some sort of green stone that buys you a part of a collectible that even upon collecting the entire collectible does absolutely nothing, it couldn’t be more pointless. Even if you do end up winning extra lives somehow you will end up losing them when you lose one round. I won three extra lives, lost one round and lost all three of those extra lives with that one game loss. So again, another pointless “reward”. Half the time when you get a power up it doesn’t work properly upon use. You will never get any more coins than what you start out with unless you buy them. It cost 25 coins to give you 5 extra moves and trust me, once you get so far into the game you will be buying extra moves like crazy. In fact I have reached a point in the game where I cannot even get close to half way beating the level with the allotted moves. They did their best in making certain that you will have to spend money on coins to progress in the game. This would be a good game if it wasn’t so pay to win, but seeing as it is I am deleting it. I would rather buy a game for 9.99 than wast my time on this pay to win crap.

Great game just has some bugs

I really enjoy playing this game, but I keep trying to get 5 more moves and the game bugs out and I lose all of my coins that I spent but no benefit. It’d be great if this could be fixed. Other than that this game is addictive and amazing to play!




Let me start by saying I love this game and it keeps me busy during down time. As of late I have been having the worst issues with coins. After the level is over and I attempt to continue it takes my 25 or more coins to continue then goes back to the screen saying I have no more moves. Super frustrating and those lost coins are no where to be found.

Knockout Levels

I love this game.. however, when I’m playing the knockout levels sometimes the dude won’t stop punching! It goes on and on. I end up having to close the game and lose a life. Doesn’t make sense.


The game keeps glitching. It’ll freeze before I start a round and then take a life, and recently on a boss level he kept throwing punches and I couldn’t play

Crashing 😡😡😡

The game keeps crashing every time I press on she_ra.

Good, but Glitchy

I like this game. It’s fairly entertaining and allows you to skip past the cut scenes. However, since the last update, the game has become pretty glitchy. It never gives the rainbow star at the beginning of the level when you’re on a streak. Also, I used up my last 25 gold coins to add moves to the end of a level and all it did was take my coons and crash the game. This kind of thing happens a lot with this game. Luckily, I haven’t wasted any money on it or I’d be pretty angry.


I love the game but y’all take to long to add new levels then when you do you only add 1 or 2 new levels and then I have to wait for 1 new one I’m finished every level when are y’all going to add new ones and do at less 20 levels at a time

Thanks for updating

I downloaded this game 5 months ago but it kept stopping but now it’s better and won’t stop working in da middle of the game

Having issues after updates

I really like this game but in the past couple of weeks it been freezing and I'm losing money as I sometimes purchase coins. It has done this in the past but I've noticed it's whenever it's been updated. The reason for this review is because the only time it freezes is when I use my coins to add extra moves that I purchased but this doesn't happen when I use my coins I've won 🤔 It freezes and you can't make any moves the only way to play is to get out of the game and restart but when you come back after restarting you have to restart the level you just were on not where you left off therefore you have lost your extra moves and of course the coins you used to get those extra moves 😔 very disappointing and even though I like this game I'm thinking of getting rid of the game if it's going to continue to eat my coins that I've purchased! Waste of my money!!

Going downhill

Too many bugs with new update will spend coins then not get what the coins were spent on


Love it!!!!

Love the game

But to many bugs in the new updates wouldn’t let me have spin and can’t get through the whole game without it glitching or crashing.

When it’s working...

You guys run out of levels again. Lol. Need more levels fam! Boom!

It's freaking awesome!

It's the best game you'll ever play in your life. Ever. No need to look elsewhere. For reals. Don't.

The new update 👎🏾

I use to love this game very addicting but the recently up has made me mad and uncomfortable. You guy changed the design of the shapes and changed the way you earn your mystery box I will continue to play the game but I think you should change the graphics/set up how it was in the beginning

Best game ever

My favorite game to play especially on break


Still love the game but the bottles are horrible


I am having such a great time

New update

These new graphics are horrible. They need to go back to the old version ASAP

Best game!

I absolutely love this game. Been playing since day 1. Only downfall, after the latest update my game has been glitchy, can’t collect any of the rewards, said I got 2 hours of unlimited lives (never got it), my daily spin don’t work. This has to be fixed.

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