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Fun! Fun! Fun!

I enjoy playing the game and all the mini games available. Never a dull moment.However, There is a glitch where you may not get the free life after viewing from time to time.


Best game ever

Love, love, love BUT

I’m up to 588 and all of a sudden the app will not load; it’s just a blank screen. Ahhhh.. I’m lost without Family Guy game. I like lock myself in my room so the kids can’t bother me. Not really but I miss it.

Hey guys! Can we fix the snags in levels

Fun to lose about $35 so far because during battle with the boss, lvl 600 I think. In the midst of the game homie is gone and screen is stuck. No pause, nothing....I’m updated on IOS, turned off and on. Trouble shooted like an IT Ninja. Please fix Still jamming with getting stuck on a BOSS level. I’m an idiot for spending money to try and get it to unjam. Wow.....just wow Ok, what’s up now with the ‘out of moves’ screen? You either have to purchase or wait until the flipping monkey goes away. Usually a few hours later. One more strike and I’m out and will delete my account.

I love this game but....

This is normally a great game to play. The last two days it has been freezing and not working correctly. Then today it wouldn’t let me play on if I didn’t beat a level, but it still took my coins that I had paid for 😳. Hope this doesn’t happen again.


Waiting over 23 minutes is annoying. It's THE only thing I don't like about this game

Level 800 and waiting

I’m on level 800 and waiting on more levels

Great game! Addicting too

I always play this game whenever I have free time. Good fun


Is there even a “give up” button if it doesn’t do anything expect reload the screen?


I love this game and have been playing it for quite sometime (has actually helped me cope with my mom’s death seeing that she loved to play with it me) but recently the game has not me retry the level once I lose. I have to close and reopen the app to play again.


I love this game-it’s actually my favorite! There are some issues with glitches. Right now the game won’t let me give up and try again. It is stuck on a screen which wants me to pay for 5 more moves and I don’t want to! Have re-booted but still the same problem. This game is so much fun except for the glitches

Bad update

It's lagging so very terribly bad. It wasn't like this before the update. Now it takes forever to complete just a single action.


It is very upsetting when this game glitches and doesn’t give me my bonus from the daily spin, and just now it glitched and stole 25 of my coins. Coins are very hard to earn and to have the game glitch and take them but not allow me to play on is ridiculous. This is one of my favorite games but I haven’t played lately because of the glitches, and of course when I go to give it another chance it takes my coins. Smh


I loved this game and played every day. However, now when I watch an ad to get a free life, it plays the entire ad and then tells me there are no ads to watch and I don’t get the free life. It’s super annoying.

Black screen

I get a black screen trying to open app.


I Love This Game But Very Glitchy. I Used My Last Coins To Finish My Game And It Started Glitching. I Wasnt Able To Play My It Took My Coins !! Please Fix !!

App issue

Fun game but deleted the app because I got tired of being kicked out app


You’ll spend days on levels that you can’t complete. It gets so bad you’ll want to delete the game

Great game it is a total addicting

You love candy crush and family guy you love this game

It’s okay

The game certainly cheats a lot which makes it frustrating when playing the pieces to craft are never available so it takes a lot of patience to stay motivated to continue on but it’s a good time killer when waiting.

Fun drunks

Always fun to play on my spare time. Pretty funny to hear what they all got to say as they get drunk through the game. Awesome challenges😆😂🤣

Love This Game

I love this game. I’m always completing all levels before new ones can be created. That’s my only complaint, waiting on new levels

Locked Boosters

I have a question. When the title card displays for the level, there are 3 boosters in the middle right above the “Play” button - 5 extra moves, rainbow star, and one that is locked. I’m on level 756 and it never unlocked. Can you give some insights of why it didn’t unlock because I missed something in a level, or if there is something I need to do. Thanks! Paula

Family Guy

Totally addicted!!! Love this game and funny😂

Great game deserves 5 stars but I can't give it that rating!!

I have never played a game before that cheats sooooo much!! The daily spin is really starting to aggravate me. It will slowly go passed all of the sections that aren't coins, lives, or uranium!! I have been cheated like that 27 times since I've started playing and I've only been playing for 3 months. Also the bombs land on empty squares or completely off of the game board. I can play a level 50 times and not beat it but as soon as I spend money to beat it all of the sudden I beat it with flying colors. I was told but there tech support that if I downloaded the new update that they have fixed all of these problems and that was 2 weeks ago and it still is happening! Seriously close to deleting and will spend my money on another game that doesn't cheat me every day all day long!! Really disappointed😔😔😔😔😔😔

Family Guy

I love this game, but would like to be able to win more coins and items to assist in completing level without having to buy it.

Love this app but needs fixing

Love this app. It’s an addicting fun game and I’m happy developers are bring level quicker now but you really need to fix the glitches. The game is slow constantly freezing and kicking me out. It can be quite a bit annoying....

Deleting this game

I’m on level 390 and the boss fight is another example that this game is pure chance. In order to beat this level I’m going to have to buy the boosts and I won’t give the game another dime. The boss fights don’t even make sense. I clear a bunch of blocks and it either says “no matches” or I get hit no matter how many blocks I clear even if they’re new spaces. Such a cash grab. I’ll be deleting this crap.

Family Guy

Love playing this Game unfortunately App use a lot and more batter usually than other game


Love it.

Hey Meg, you 18 yet?

Great game! Kills a lot of spare down time for me. This game can be very hard and is always challenging. I have been stuck on the same levels for several days many times. I just play by the numbers and get through to the next level. Thanks family guy

More frustrating than fun

Really enjoyed the game until it became obvious that I needed to pay to play (lvl 40+). Thanks for the few hours of fun.


It gets so hard on some levels that if you don’t spend money you wont win! So that’s why i deleted it!

Fun game

Game is fun to play, but that make it so hard to clear boards you have to buy items. They only want money. I deleted it.

Very fun...could use a few improvements.

I am hooked on this game and enjoy it very much. I would appreciate if there could be new levels, collections and other uses for uranium. I play daily!




I start to play and the game just shuts off. Then I have to start again losing my man and game. Shame! I will not rate yet because I really like this game.

Great app

Love this game

Enjoy playing, but...

I enjoy playing this game, but I hate the problems I have with it. Like when I have coins when I fail at a level instead of letting me start it all over it keeps repeating itself if I want to keep going for 25 coins (I think) or quit. It does that when I have coins but when I don’t have coins I don’t have that problem. I accidentally pressed continue and lost my coins 🙄. Also last time when I was starting a new game the bottles weren’t in my screen but the game was going I couldn’t do anything. I had to close the app get back on and lost a heart for doing that. It has its problems and I hope you guys resolve it because it’s just making me want to play less. Great game though . Oh also when I have those stewie levels with the robot. I literally went like 10 moves with not batteries. I wasn’t getting any like how am I supposed to win this if I’m not getting batteries. Annoying 🙄

Crash Guy

The games crashes after loading. Never worked correctly and didn't even get pass level 2. Deleting this game.

You can’t win

Nobody is going to stay loyal to a game that you lose 100 times in a row before getting lucky and finally winning. The success of any game is the player being able to win. If it’s not which this game isn’t, people are going to reject it.

Forced to continue playing.

So I’m out of moves right.... I don’t like how the game forces me to use up all my coins on 5 more moves. Do I just have to log out of the game or what. I’d rather loose a life than use the little bit of coins that I have.

I love this game!

I love this game and play as much as I can. I give it a 1 star because I always lose my extra life/lives. If my life is full at 5 hearts for example, and I win 3 (like I just did in the recent bonus activity) I lose them all!!! I don’t get to use my bonus lives! :(

Why is level 29 so difficult ?!?

Look I’ve been stuck on this level for the past 3 days, I’m not buying any power ups and i always get stuck on stewie, come on 40 drinks in 32 moves? Not to mention Brian and Louis’s drinks...up the moves or make it so power ups don’t cost so much

Giggity, giggity, giggity!

I loved the show for years. I never get games because they’re all the same. This one is fun and challenging! I’m happy, guys!


When I win lives the game doesn’t allow them to be used. I won 3 lives, died once and had 4 hearts left. This happens frequently. It still takes my normal lives and disregards the extra lives.

Getting tired of this.

The game is addicting but the “super hard” level vs. the (chicken)boss is annoying enough for me to delete this. It would be nice to know what’s a hit and what is not. How can I be motivated to spend money on something I feel I can’t pass?

Doesn’t Load on the iPad

For the past couple of months, I’ve been trying to get this game to run on my iPad. To no avail, it starts the animation and then crashes. I would like to be able to enjoy this game on a bigger screen than play on my phone. SAD!

This is just a meme

Hey 🅱️eter

Great game

I love the game itself but it won’t let me connect to Facebook! It’s constantly telling me that there’s an error connecting to it. I want to ask my friends for lives and stuff but I can’t and it’s really annoying

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