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Quit working with IOS 11.4.1

Loved this game, but am so disappointed it quit working when I updated my iPhone 6s. So aggravating when this happens!!! The one app I hoped it wouldn’t effect is the only one it did.

Can’t open the game

I play this game every night but lately it’s been glitching horribly if I play more then 10 mins but today it won’t even open. I’ll press “play” and the screen immediately turns black. I tried restarting my phone, I wanted to delete the app and redownload it but was scared of losing where I left off. Fix this please!? My whole family plays this game and compete against each other and none of us can get on !!!

For a show FAR from perfect...

You have to play this game perfect because you aren’t given close to enough moves to complete some of the hardest levels. It’s like a less thought out version of candy crush and that game is a pile of diabetes rotting in the sun. It’s beyond frustrating seeing you have 11 moves to make and meg still needs 10+ make up. After beating the first 5 levels with 3 star ratings on all but theee stages I find myself stuck on a level deliberately designed to make me use the last remaining boosts I have. Won’t do it. Don’t do it. Just get candy crush and save yourself the hassle. At least candy crush gives you daily boosts to help get over hard levels

Too many “glitches”

This was a fun a while back. Recent update has too many convenient “glitches” that makes you lose the games. They seem to be forcing the ads by creating algorithms that notice when you are about to win the level but have not played it repetitively enough. I haven’t actually logged how many plays per level it takes and ads to watch before you actually win a level. I really don’t care that much.

Love this game but mad

This game is great. But I don’t know what the major glitch is, but for weeks now every time I try to play the game just shuts itself off and I’m brought to my home screen. So disappointed can’t wait till it’s fixed and I can continue on to the 400s levels


I has been very difficult to complete a gift under the new system. I have never done it


Lately every single prize is a duplicate which is extremely frustrating seeing as it takes forever to collect the gems. This needs to be figured out


I’ve been obsessed with this game for easily over a year or two. With the latest update the game is making it nearly impossible to move on. The bottles on fire don’t help a single bit. They make the worst moves possible. My stars DISAPPEAR. I feel like the game is trying to force me to shell out money so I can pass levels. And the mystery boxes never produce anything for me to craft anymore. Just disappointed. I want the old way back. To manny glitches and mistakes.

Power problem

None of the power ups are working they appear then disappear without making any damage it’s annoying and it makes the games impossible to win

Special events are fun

It's a fun game, especially the special event rounds. They keep the game from getting tedious. Update: The game is shutting down at random times, and I can't get it to start. Is it time for a new fix, or is it my iPhone? It's a 5c and the OS can't be updated.

Level design horrible at higher levels

Dear whomever designed the levels, especially those over 100. I hope you rot in hell. A boss fight with 5 moves to start, 5 moves per win, and a level design setup that makes matching pieces near impossible. I play other games like this to level 650 before seeing this kind of crap. But at level 120? My only guess is that the game will end soon. Maybe only 150 levels? Why else put multiple “super hard” levels in a row? Then a boss fight that is pure absolute luck? No end content. Or a pay to win game model.

It’s Candy Crush for Adults!

So much better than candy crush and the mini cut scenes are funny to read.


First off this is a fun and addictive game. That being said, it can also be very frustrating, especially on a super hard level where the power ups are virtually useless. Take level 925 for example, it’s extremely difficult and every time you use a power up, they take out a bomb or chocolate ball but not the squares needed to capture the guy!!! What’s the point?

Good, but...

I’ve been playing this game for a long time and I’ve never had any problems with it. I’ve been stuck on level 962 for at least a month as there is too much obstacles going on in that level as well as being a Greased Up Deaf Guy level. Not only do I hate his levels but when I think I get close the Molotov’s clear obstacles at a different location on the level. Please get rid of the Greased Up Deaf Guy levels. They are too much of a headache

More levels

Fun and entertaining

No complaints

**UPDATE** Thanks for fixing the glitch. My game works perfectly now and I’m very happy with the game. 👍🏽👍🏽

Not cool!

I’m on level 504 and noticed several times when I created a star and matched it with a bottle to create several bottles the bottles would not smash any cookies. They would simply disappear. This is so not cool! I like the game but there’s still some glitches there. Would give more stars once this is fixed.

I like it

I have to say, I mostly just play this game whenever I have to take a dump. It’s fun tho


I deleted this game maybe a year ago because it got too difficult to play. In the middle of the second stage and the levels become unbeatable. I waited a year to see if you fixed this issue. Redownloaded it only to find out you haven’t. Stuck in the same area without coming even near to beating the levels. I guess I’ll delete it again. Bye


Looooove it!!!!

Good game...

Good time passer however the game stay cheating...don’t clear ALL the pieces when u do power up moves...hurry and end the game if you’re going to beat the board...when u do power ups with the flashing star they should do each one separately so you could clear more spaces but that’s how they get u...

The head I get

I love getting head to this thanks family dude

Not happy

Initially the game was fun and the new levels were fun but recently last month with the updates there are more problems. The game reshuffles when there are any matches but the drinks don’t come back on the board and you have to restart the game losing a life in the process,also with the new update when you create a combo with the drinks that bounce across the board now the disappear instead of hitting other drinks, when you win one of the hard levels and you are supposed to get the spin for the bonus it doesn’t alway come. I’ve sent tickets about all of my issues and all I get back is a response saying to reset my phone or to make sure I have the latest update never them saying it’s there issue.. guess time to delete this game and find a new one especially when I’m using my real money for coins!! Not happy at all.

Buggy app

Somewhat entertaining, but very buggy. For example, I beat the pub crawl event, but didn’t get the prizes for doing so. Screen transitions not very good. Get the same pop ups multiple times. Frustrating.

Not a major player puzzle game

My review will be short cause there’s one critical thing wrong with this game, the glitches. I have spend actual money on bonus items and in game currency only to have the game glitch me out of playing or becoming literally unplayable. I’ve screen shot and recorded MANY instances where this has happen (I’ve been playing the game since it’s release) and have tried to contact the developer on multiple social media platforms and they never respond to me unless it’s about a promotional but they’re throwing for the game. If you play this game don’t waste your money or expect it to be at the professional level of candy crush, it’s not that kind of puzzle game, it’s the kind that passes off as a puzzle game and dresses it up with a beloved cartoon show.


Best game

Fun but..

With last update practically impossible to pass levels without buying extra moves. So disappointed. Deleted game. By the way. I did contact their support twice. Never heard back from them, and yes, I checked my junk file

Game is Rigged

I loved playing this game. I’m currently at level 911 and it continues to become harder and harder to pass. It’s amazing how as soon as a spend a bit of money in the game you instantly win the level you’ve been spending days on. The bombs don’t work anymore. They’re always tossed to random tiles. This game is ultimately rigged to have people spend their money in order to advance in the game. If your going to do this don’t make it so blatantly obvious to the gamers.

I like it.

Very funny and a great distraction. Helps you pass the time


I like this game but it continually crashes...

This game is a waste of time.

Do not waste your time on this game. Turns out it is a money grab. All you get are worthless coins and some stupid gems, you have no use for. Also if you have no matches in the game it subtracts a turn. Again a waste of time. Deleting this crap app.

Good Game

The most recent update makes the Bomb bottles go to any random location versus a location that would be helpful so that’s pretty annoying. It’s fun otherwise

Fun but a very clunky app

Great game to play but is extremely prone to crashing during play and while in the background. You open it back up and it will reset so don’t do that if you are kicking buttocks. For the record I’m on an iPhone 6 with iOS 11.4.

Constantly crashes

I love this game BUT for weeks it crashes every time I complete a level. Every once in awhile I could understand but it's getting ridiculous now

Thanks for fixing the glitches

Additive Love so much reason why I’m always on my phone can’t put the game down

F this game

Seriously! Cant get through higher levels unless you spend money on it, not like a buck or two but ten to twenty at a time. Whoever designed it to be this way needs to be hit with a shovel! Dont even want to give it one start. Sad, i was such a fan of family guy now it just pisses me off. Deleting the app now, not worth the money!!

The best

The best game

New levels

I updated the app thinking I was going to get new levels 🙄😒

You sent an update but the new levels are locked

Why are the new levels locked?? Cherrywood manor is locked


glitch glitch and again glitch

This game is as funny as the show!!!!

It has the best and funniest interactive characters. It's a must download it fo sho!!!!!

Crashes every time

This latest update crashes every time. Not a go update. Hey hey the latest update fixed the problem!!

So much fun

UPDATE: The issue has been fixed from the last update I gave. But now I’m having multiple issues that are making me not want to play this game anymore. The first issue is when the game will lose touch out of nowhere and it won’t let me make any moves, I can’t even choose a special move. But it will still give me hints as if I haven’t tried to make a move yet. I end up having to force close the game and start over which means a life is wasted. Another issue is when I had 2 bullet special moves and I used one and instead of me having 1 more left, they both disappeared. I also ran out of moves and had 25 coins left for 5 more turns. I attempted to use it and my coins went away but I wasn’t awarded my 5 moves and it still said give up or buy more coins since I now had 0 coins. This is becoming a pain because this was my favorite game that I played on a daily, but now with all these issues. I’m finding myself playing less and less. I’m not okay with wasting my hard earned coins and special moves! UPDATE: For the past 3 days now I’ve been getting this grayish brownish screen after I press play on the start menu and it won’t let me play UPDATE: I’m having serious glitches on certain levels where the pieces move and they disappear so I can’t finish the game. It doesn’t happen often but it’s happened enough to frustrate me! I love this game so much that it's replaced candy crush lol the only thing I would recommend is more gift boxes for chances to win extra coins and lives and tricks for the game. There is a prize spin if you win a hard level first try. But maybe a free one once a day or a week would be nice too. All in all it's a good game, and I love that you don't have to wait as long for more lives like other games!

Login Problem

I love this game an the levels do make me think and patience is key. But one thing that’s going wrong is that I want to save my progress by connecting to Facebook but it won’t let me. May you please fix this problem?


Like the game CRASHES way too much 😡

The Truth

I’ll comment later DRIVING

Ruined by one greased up deaf guy

The game is great, and I mean tons of fun. Until the greased up deaf guy levels start. I HATE those levels so much, they absolutely ruin the game. I’ve been stuck on one for weeks and I’m about to delete the game because of it. Seriously, get rid of the greased up deaf guy levels. They are terrible.

Loved it till now

I know that games do what they can to make it difficult for the player. I get it but come on now. Currently stuck on a Stevie level because you cannot progress forward since no batteries show up. Once you get down to about 12 moves left, that’s it. Just had 10 tried left and did not see another battery till 1 move left. Truly do not like games that cheat against the player to make you use a “power up” or buy additional tries. It didn’t use to be this bad till the latest update.

5 stars because...

I love playing this game, I love the challenges and all that, BUT I really need more levels please!

The game cheats

I’ve suspected it for a while, but my suspicions were finally confirmed with the latest daily challenge. This challenge required me to collect 70 of Brian’s dog bones. I completed a new level that required me to collect over 100 bones. And, somehow, when I went to collect my reward, I was short by one bone... Yep. They’re not even subtle about cheating players anymore.

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