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Fun, funny, but flat

Reminds me of the show in parts. The "bosses" play is mucho annoying. Aimless coin collection. Dont expect too much and you'll enjoy it.


I need more levels lol

Hate the grease guy

I love this game. Keeps me very entertained. I think the levels are very fair and you guys know when we struggle and let us pass the level. lol I don't like the newest level with the grease guy. It's really hard and he is always moving after a few moves. Please remove it.

Good game but

You can definitely tell that it's designed to get you to spend money, lives fill super slow, and in every puzzle it's almost like the app is against you it's no candy crush so some of the levels are in fact extremely difficult, make sure you keep the Kate's version of the app too cuz it's crashes and cheats you out of stuff

Worst game

I had this game when it first started to pop up on ads. And the game play is great. But the game soon became a big headache. Because your developers don’t put enough boards. Fact after I waited two weeks for them to add more levels once I reached the higher 200’s. Then your team added only 20 levels at a time. So now it’s every 20 levels and I have to wait two or three weeks for more levels. And the Little tech picture that shows after you beat the new 20 levels Say we will get to it soon like it’s funny. I feel if you are going to make a game it shouldn’t be a issue every time you beat a level.

Awesome Game

Great game. love the whole concept. My only problems are having to wait so long for the next level to come up since I am at the end of what has been made. Another is that when I get my free spins and get extra lives while on unlimited play, I don't get to keep them. I have lost over 15 extra lives. They literally don't show up when unlimited play is over or if I get extra on my daily spins, they disappear when I put the game down and then come back to it later.


Great game, but It takes forever to get new levels out. I beat the latest level/area in about a day and half, now I’m stuck with nothing. Everything is 3 starred, so it’s not like I can better my game. Really tempted to delete the game, as it takes weeks to be able to play again

Great game that deserves 5-stars but adding levels takes forever

This a great game and it’s my favorite game on my phone. I would give this a 5-Star but the developer adds new levels way too slow. Typically I beat the levels before new ones are added and then have to wait a couple of weeks before playing the game again. I’ve been waiting for a month now and there has been a Halloween update but still no new levels. Now the game is just taking up memory space on my phone and if new levels aren’t added soon I will be deleting the game for good. Usually a box pops up saying new levels are coming soon and I haven’t seen that box since I beat level 420. Does that mean that’s the end of the game and no more levels will be added?


90% of this game is waiting for the new levels to come out and it’s quite frustrating and annoying...

Too addicting!!

Fun game! Even more fun if you’re a Family Guy fan!


Huge fan. I play it (several times) every day!

Family guy another mobile game

I love family guy.. I love Seth’s work. But this game is horrible.. after a few boss battles , I knew that it was only programmed to let you win by a margin. Once you hit level 43 it does not give you any combos or multiple plays. Quagmire just complains over and over. If this turns out to make you pay to play, it is a horrible move. Rather watch on Netflix

Great game

Love this game but the last couple of weeks it hasn’t been running that great. I’ve beat the same level 3 times now and every time I get to the end it just closes and I have to do that level again. AND it took a life from me. Another time I had won some lives and it just closed on me but when I opened it it took my extra lives away. A little frustrating


It is really buggy. I love it, but I get so frustrated when it malfunctions. I wish they would fix it.

New Update

New update caused so many glitches. Can move the pieces as the board freezes. I complete levels and the game freezes so it says it was never completed. Greased up deaf guy levels are messed up and don’t count how many times I break him free. Was good but becoming very frustrating to continue to play

Last update has a glitch

My husband has the Halloween special with the graveyard but I don’t. Uninstalled and reinstalled it several times now. Still nothing.

Having fun

But why does it take a half hour to gain a life? The time between lives should be much shorter

Facebook login

The game is fun but why can’t I connect to Facebook, it’s talking about my country & age but I’m old enough to play & I live in the United States

End of game

I have reached and beat level 420! I love this game and graphics but wanting to know when more levels are coming?

Love it but has issues

When I first started it was easy to play, to use but as I progressed, I saw no coins after I went through a level. Another thing is I can no longer get though a level like it's been weeks and I'm not close to overcoming the level.

Update broke it

I love this game, but the most recent update broke it and I can’t even open it anymore. Please fix!



Crazy Peter Action!

This is crazy Peter fun, it is hilarious. I love it and cannot put it down!


It’s bs that the mystery boxes contain two of the same thing...


This game must have been developed by drunks for drunks!

Give us a reason to come back every day

Some of the higher levels are written to be simply impossible to win. I wouldn’t mind it so much if there was some incentive to play every day with free coins, a free life, SOMETHING. The only rewards are through challenges and too often, the reward is pitiful, like five coins. You can’t do anything for less than 25. Throw us a bone, guys. Give us a chance to get past some truly boring and near-impossible levels. (The grease guy has GOT to go.)


Love this game too much! I really don’t play match games much, but this is really fun. Enjoy the characters, backgrounds, and challenges.

Love the game but....

For the third time in two days I have to beat a level over again because the game freezes. And of course as luck would have it this happens on the very hard levels. It’s getting annoying and I’m about to uninstall it being the levels are hard enough as is without wasting lives to do so that take forever to replenish when I shouldn’t have wasted one to begin with.

Event help please !!!!

I can’t get the new Halloween event I hVs the Halloween graphics on my mAp but just the option to buy coins discounted how can this issue be resolved??

Fun game but VERY buggy

This game is a lot of fun but has too many bugs. For example, I was playing the latest type of game with the greased up deaf guy, and he moved positions like he normally does but this time he he moved and didn’t come back. 🙄 Also, every now and then parts of the screen will be shaded pink.


I get stuck on the hard levels forever. What good are the green crystals? Can they be traded for coins or lives?


I have beat level 178 three different times and the phone exits out of the game and I have to continually repeat the game.. it is updated and my phone is brand new.. please fix this! UPDATE!! This issue has been fixed, thank you for your response


Pretty fun


I love this game, but since I got the update, it just shows a black screen and won’t let me play.

Good game ruined by bad marketing strategy

The fact that I have to wait 20-30 mins for a life to replenish to play this game is ridiculous. all 5 hearts should be available in 20 mins max. There's very little in game coin earning potential because they want you to buy the stuff. I won't buy anything from this game at the prices they want. Maybe If I got more for my money I would. Do away with the limited life's or make a way to earn hearts in a game. Definitely a lot of room for improvement. Update: there was a free spin every 24 hours but that’s gone now.

I hate this game so much

(Yet I continue to play) The developers have so overtly set up the game to entice the player to buy more coins/extra turns. I know this is an expected part of this type of app, however they are so unabashed about it. Life after life, the round ends needing just *one more turn to complete the level. So, I am left with the choice of playing the same level for another 24-48 hours until I can finally get past it, or paying $ for coins in order to buy special powers/extra turns/extra lives. That being said, it is decent, addictive, mindless entertainment with some catchy music (love the ‘bits in the bot’ tune)

To many glitches

The whole board turns purple and you cant see the colors or background

Best game ever!

Family Guy mobile app game is a nice reminder of all those episodes we wasted so much time watching. Now instead of playing Candy Crush, you can waste time with more hints about crudely drawn cartoon characters being crude.

Game keep crashing

Game keeps crashing after I complete level 169 and I have to complete the level again

Ehhh. It’s okay

It’s fun-ish. The special moves you make don’t usually help. They blow up in places where you don’t need them to. There’s no way to earn any coins or special things or even lives, unless you beat a hard level the first time and it usually doesn’t give you anything good. It’s pretty rigged to make money for he creators.

Crashes before it starts

Will not let me play on my I pad i can play whenever/ wherever on my lg but when I try to play on iPad it won't get pass the load screen please fix!!!! Awesome game but not so much on apple product

This game is pissing me off

This game was fun for about 3 days. Now I’ve been stuck on level 57 for about a week now and I’m about to delete this game. I’m not paying any money to help me beat this board. It’s like you won’t let me pass this board until I drop some cash. I’ll give it 1 more day and then I’ll delete. It started off great but it’s really pissing me off now

Oh my god oh my god lol

This game is so fun I enjoy the voices on it haha also I am excited to see this game is growing more and more popular players out there whom are very bored please please buy this game!!! You won’t regret this app 😀😀😀😀❤️❤️❤️

Molotov Cocktails Made Me Delete This Game

The game is fun and addicting for awhile. Great Family Guy overhaul to the classic “Candy Crush” format. That being said, the Molotov cocktail blow-up logic is HORRIBLE! They have a mind of there is that take zero account for the goals of that level. If you dare cross one with another power up, it will blow up another identical power up and waste it. Or it will blow up another Molotov, which that Molotov will then blow up the empty apace from you first Molotov! Super frustrating at higher levels. So much so I can’t play the game anymore without major frustration.

Please fix since update

Upgraded to new OS (big mistake) but since then this app opens levels with like a pink checkerboard all over it. I close it out and open again - sometimes it corrects, sometimes not. Please fix this as this game was one of my favorites and I can’t play it now. Would give 5 stars if this wasn’t such a problem.

Love it!!!

My only complaint would be that new levels aren’t added fast enough. I’ve gone as far as I can because there aren’t any new levels. Other than that, this game is totally addicting.


What's the newest version? My app is up to date and I am maxed out at 400 levels

Game crashes

Love the game but it crashed three times when I beat level 324 what’s the deal

Star approve

I'm so addicted.

More levels!

Love this game but I’m beat level 400, please add more levels!

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