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App not working

Family guy

Keep you enjoying action...lots of fun

Shut Down

It jeeps cutting out once I beat this one level. Its annoying because I’ve beat this level three times, spent my coins that I paid for (and it doesn’t refund it), and I don’t get any turbo power stuff. Fix this because I’m not about to keep paying yall when this game keeps shutting down.

Game froze on me

On level 415 I was almost done and it froze when he was running. It’s not my phone or WiFi


I play on an up to date IPad second generation. Stalls and slows down all the time. I have deleted twice and started over, still no good. No sound,I think the at the game download the version is corrupted.

Scores don’t match up

My wife and I were playing the game together and noticed that on my phone it showed I beat her in most scores and it showed the opposite on her phone. Why? I’m done lol

Last update

This latest update will not allow me to open the game. Thank you for response, I was able to turn phone off and once it had restarted the game loaded and having no issues. Keep up the good work.

Fun as hell!

I really like the boss fights and it just hooks you and you just keep playing!

Family guy

Fun game

Love it!

I am obsessed with this game. I play it all the time and it has so many levels. I love how quickly they make new levels and will have different challenges all the time to keep it exciting. They only problem right now with it is there is a glitch with the turbo challenge, you only receive one green stone each time you keep it going. Normally you get 25 and on up.

Prohibition comes to Quahog?

Not in this game! As a longtime fan of the show I enjoy the character and plot references and some of the humor is quite funny. This is my go to stress reliever. A few minutes playing a couple of rounds is all I need to get a break and a quick laugh. There are some in-app purchases that can be made to move the game along, but I have found that if you just stay at it a few times, most levels are easy to achieve. The recent Christmas pack addition was a nice surprise. Seth Macfarlane you are an “evil bastard”. Thanks for a new addiction.


I like this game but after a while I get stuck on one game. I think after a person spends days on one level that it should help you win so you can keep going up to the next level. There some older people that are not as savvy as some of these young kids are. I’m getting very frustrated that I want to delete this game😡

Used to be fun

But now it’s like the developers added glitches so you do worse and lose.

Good game

It's more addictive then Candy Crush an way more fun I play all the time

It’s a lots of fun when those people got knocked out

I love this game it’s made me giggles and it’s easy to understand how to play Thank you so much 😊 I


Love this game! It’s got me sucked in. Just wish it would sync with the one I have on my tablet and the one I have on my computer. Also it would be awesome to be able to get more lives and help on the levels easier.


I love this game!!👍👍

Best Brain Candy EVER!

After the end of a long day, who doesn’t want to be a winner of drinks for your Family Guy Friends?!?

Family Guy

Very relaxing game when u just want to get a piece of mind n it’s fun also....

No new levels

Still have no new levels past 540 I downloaded the xmas update like 6 days ago and still no new levels but still love the game

What the deuce? I’m an addict!!

I’ve played a lot of match 3 games and I get sick of crushing candy. This game keeps improving and I love the limited edition contests and the challenges. It’s a great use of the characters and I play it everyday


Good game.

Complete all

I completed all the levels and I love this game. A little disappointed that they don’t provide you with bonus coal or uranium for completing all

Christmas event?

I’m on the second to last level to play and I’m not getting the “coal” to get the the Christmas event boxes. I played the snowballs level and got enough coal to claim 2 boxes. But that’s it and nothing else is giving me coal to claim my Christmas prizes. Idk what’s going on.

Don’t be too quick

Got tricked into buying the Halloween special - $19 for 500 coins - because I didn’t pay attention and didn’t realize the pop up ad was bringing me to iTunes for a purchase - I Touched ID’d the home button while trying to escape - but sealed the deal instead. Am deleting game after I use the coins. Was having fun up until then. UPDATE: thanks for the entertainment - fun while it lasted... you deserve the $19... just annoyed with the forced pop up options to pay... take care! DELETING....

Level 381 Mudguy

I wish they would limit the number of times this idiot returns. It is impossible to beat this level and I’m done with this game.


Can somebody please tell me what the “complete this level challenge for uranium” quest means? What challenge are they even referring to? This is so dumb I am so confused.


Love it!!! So glad I seen the ad for this game!!

Fighting Rooster

I’ve tried to enjoy this game, but when that rooster comes up it takes days to pass. I’m removing this app.

Support not responding to my questions

Level 366 is either glitched or set up to be unreasonably difficult, and after sending a email to support last week I've never heard anything back. Actually this is the second issue I've send and not heard anything back for either. At this point I consider the game broken as the developer is either ignoring the issues or cannot correct them.


Love this game. The Christmas app looks great!


I saw your game(s) and I love the idea of it so I go and download it but after I open the app it loads for a few minutes and crashes and I'm not exaggerating when I say EVERY SINGLE TIME! I just want to play it but it keeps doing this please help

Just a money grab

This is just another money grab knock off. It's not hard, though some of the hard levels really just depend on random luck. The money grab part is the collecting uranium to get mystery boxes to get items to make sets to get power ups. No matter how many boxes you buy, you quickly realize that you are always getting the same pieces. And to buy uranium, you need gold. What a surrpise, gold cost money! or you can earn a little by completing the quests for uranium. The money you earn, is tiny compared to the cost of buy power ups and such. So yeah. Find a better game that doesn't rip you off as much. UPDATE: the game gets sloppier the more they add to it. So many bugs. Even worse, they are slow to add new items to us the mystery box for. They go multiple new levels without new rewards to work for. But you just pile up the uranium. When they do add new rewards, it’s glitchy and you waste uranium without giving any mystery boxes. And reporting the problem gets you nothing. They do nothing to fix it. So the levels get harder because they make them where you need the boosts, which you get from rewards from Blah blah blah. They basically just want you to spend real money for boosts to complete harder levels.

I have a quick question

I love this game but what do you have to do for the quests that say to finish this challenge level to get uranium? I beat levels, I've beaten every level in a new addition, I've completed all the other uranium challenges... But I never get any uranium from those quests. Right now all three of my quests are this challenge so I have no way to earn uranium. Just wondering if I'm missing something and hoping to get some advice. Thank you!

Fun, Free, Fantastic

There are very few games I keep on my phone. This is one of them.

Fun but aggravating

It takes forever to beat one level which makes moving forward in the game very slow

IPhone X support

Great game! When should we expect to have the resolution updated though? I feel like I’m still playing on my 6S. Oh and what happened to the Dr Hartman event?

It’s a fun game

But “Oh Gosh, I Don’t Know”


My husband and I both like the show. He found this game on his Android device and recommended it to me. I got addicted then, stopped playing for a while, and am addicted once again! My only problem so far is that Mort in his first appearance does not have a head. And the animators forget to erase Lois’ default pupils so she sometimes has two in each eye. Now that I have written my review, I am going back to the game! Can’t get enough!

Works on Android, not on iPad

Loads, crashes, loads crashes, loads, crashes, works n my Android phone, not on iPad, delating it.


Just when I am on a roll I hit the end of the game! Come on add more levels! 😕




i have contacted support multiple times about the app crashing & losing game data. this only started happening after i got my iphone x. they have given me unsuccessful steps to stop this from happening. they have done nothing else to help me. i love this game, but these app crashes are making me want to delete it.

Hard to play

The game is purposely hare to make you bye in store purchases.

Great game

I love playing this game. I’ve beaten every level (on level 540) with 3 stars on each level. I just wish new levels were added faster. This the BEST game ever!!


Installed the game and watched the intro video and loaded till the very end of data and then crashes. Fun game played on my friends tablet but can't play on my iPad.


This game is better than two foreign dudes trying to fit in at a sporting event they've never heard of

Bad bad bad

I’m trying to get in touch with support because the level I’m on is not reading correctly after I just purchased $10.00 worth of coins to be able to beat it just needing to clean one cube and I hit it 5 times and still nothing. This is the only way to contact them because their support tab does not work. This is a robbery of my $10.00 and I want it back.

It's Hella Fun!

I Absolutely Love This App. Haven't Had Any Problems With It And I'm On Level 286😍 I Highly Recommend This App For Anyone Except My Grandma😂

Stopped working

Got to level 348 and during a truck refuel screen, the game locked up. Had to reload. Started at level 1 Not happy

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