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Shuts down every level on iPad

Loved this game, but now I can't play since an update a few days ago. Says it's loading a level but then shuts down before I get in. Haven't gotten in for days.


How old do I have to be to link my Facebook account with the app? I’m 20 going on 21 but not sure if the rule for the legal drinking age is the sams🤔.

Frustrated with updates

I don’t understand I am up to date on all the levels. However I do not get the three free moves after watching a video once I try to pass a level. I also do not get the Peter riding a dolphin on the new wet n wild side game. I have low amount of coins and uranium and get none of the benefits everyone else has. My friends have either iPhone or android and got he fun stuff. I have iPhone and got shxt. Ugh

Fun but needs a fix

Fun game but once you hit level 901 the title of the board stays on the screen making it very difficult to play....please fix

This game is freakin sweet!

This game is the bomb!

Oh My Gawd

Ive deleted every other match game . THIS IS THE ONLY ONE YOU NEED !!! No crush no jam no sagas just Family Guy. Great Job. I play it as i crawl to the bathroom

New levels

I love this game but it takes too long for us to get new levels. I thought this update would come with new scenes, sadly in still stuck. Please release new levels thank you


I don’t know who this people are saying the game freezes I spent free on me ever .. maybe they should get up to date phones

Very addictive!!!

Love this game!! Love love family guy !! Hate candy crush enough said lol!!

Great App!

I love playing this game! It’s been very fun. Giggity. Haha

Loved the game

Favorite match game!

Family Guys

Great game keep them coming I’m 60yrs old it relaxing me.

Great game

This game is so good even better than candy crush. The only problem I have is that I can’t stop the wheel. It just spins forever and I can’t stop it and it doesn’t slow down

Sam Lopez

Buenos gráficos y muy divertido


It won’t open or let me delete it

Game is b.s.

When you play bombs will disappear as well as other boosters from the page. Basically, you lose even when you should win the level.

This game is the S!@$

I love this game so much. It’s so fun, and it lasts FOREVER! I’m the kind of person that loves to play games but I tend to beat them fast and have a hard time finding a new one to play. This one has 1320 LEVELS! Download it, you will not regret it !

Love Love Love this game

So much fun and so addicted! Please fix latest update. I've had it freeze up on me twice today. I had to close it down and restart (lost a life) 🙁

Love the game, but.....

I play this game every day multiple times a day on my iPad, but here lately it keeps kicking me out. It's been doing this for the past couple of weeks.

Fix new feature

This new feature where I have to click on this new box is really annoying. I shouldn’t HAVE to click on something to play the game.

Crashes wayyyyyy too often!

I like it- really, but it is BEYOND frustrating to have the game crash ALL. THE. TIME. I just tried loading it 4 times and it kicks me out every time I try to play. Also conveniently crashes at the end of a level when you are due a reward for completing. Pretty sure I'm owed at least 5,000 uranium. The most frustrating is when you are in the middle of a level and have used specials to boost you...and I'm sure you know what happens next. Yep. Crash. I know how to clear it from my phone- reload- etc. Forget about their customer support. I have reached out for over a two week period with no help. I asked that I was refunded why I lost and they just ignored my request and kept stating they were so sorry for my troubles 🙄. Apparently they are sorry, but not sorry enough to help players recover losses. Bottom line; don't start playing and get addicted, it will only raise your blood pressure with all the issues.

Component box rip-off

Almost every single time I save up enough gems to get the 1350 gem box; and almost every single time I get a duplicate from every component but one or two. It is getting to be absolutely ridiculous. There is no point to playing the game if the components are next to impossible to get even when you spend the most gems you can. I play this game religiously, and even spend a bit of money, but this may make me quit for good.

Hard levels

I really like this game, only thing I don’t like is the levels that are super hard. I been stuck on one level for almost 2 weeks. It’s very frustrating.


I was on level 1234 an it pushed me back to 1078 so I’m just deleting this app I’m not playing this over again

A comment

The game is funny and that is all that has to be said.

I love this game but...

I love this game and I’ve wasted so many hours playing it but the recent update kind of crippled the game completely in terms of graphics and functionality. Everything regarding the wet and wild event is completely glitched out and the backpack is glitched a bit too.

Facebook connection

The game in the App Store says 17+ but you can’t connect to Facebook unless you are 21 years or older. I’m 20 years old and can’t connect to Facebook for another year. I can still play the game, nothing is blocked in the game, just can’t compare scores with friends until I’m 21, which seems a little silly.

Great game and time killer.

Does get hard too

New update bug

Playing a boss level, and now the boss hit me 30 times in a row. Yes I counted. And after waiting for all that, the app completely locks up. That’s happened now 2 times straight. Might want to check that out.


Some update! Now the game freezes up or it doesn’t will not allow you to move. Awesome game!!!


I am (was) addicted to this game to the point that I was dropping $50 every two to three days on iTunes cards to purchase boosters and other aids. I’ve had several occasions where I used a booster, column and row destroyers only to have the level freeze just after finishing that level. No credit given for beating the level. Another issue is having the boss levels freeze in the punching mode by the opponent. The latest one was today on level 1110. Jerome punched me reversing my work. I just let it go on to see how many time he would continuously punch. After about three dozen continuous punches, I shut the game down. If it weren’t for these glitches, I would have given this game five stars. But I’ve spent way too much time and money only to have a software glitch take it away. I’ll have to find a new addiction to spend my time on. It was a fun run, thanks.


My heart is hurting just started having major issue when opening app. Once it goes to the loading screen, the screen will turn beige and have tried several times and same results! Help this please!

Crashing issue

I love this game and play daily; however, it crashes after an ad to receive a free life, and while loading the next level. Could you provide an update date to correct this issue?

Game play

The game can be hard and intense, but worth the play.

Terrible service and bugs

I have had the same issues for months on end and never get results. I get nothing but excuses. Bugs and freezing, doesn’t give free lives but takes away the life you used and starts timer over. Admin replies are days or weeks later. I get told to go update but when I go to the App Store I can’t update. A bunch of worthless replies is what you get here. UPDATE: I wrote this review MONTH’S ago. Just got a response. Still having the same issues. FOXNEXT and Jam City are worthless.


Love the new interface it’s well laid out

Horrible support.

Used to be a good game. Events now basically require you to spend money to complete. Tech support is non existent. Bugs everywhere, and no one seems to care.

Love it!!

Great game!! Fun!!

Vcs escreveram Sede com C

Na tela de carregamento, escreveram que Quahog é uma cidade que tem Cede, por favor arrumem isso antes que eu comece a escrever sede com C Mas o jogo é muito bom

Use it to pass time while on the crapper

Basically candy crush with family guy graphics. As you progress, there are unbeatable levels based on the draw (replay enough and you will give you a decent draw). Example: I needed one chocolate ball to finish the level - cleared 6 lines and it never revealed the final ball. Just the luck of the draw. Use this game to pass time while taking a dump (you will blow through your lives in a 5-8 minute sitting) then go back to work. And please don’t pay to advance in the game - rewarding the developers’ “pay to win” scam is what is ruining the gaming industry.

Great Game....Needs Improvement

I love this game, I am playing it all day long. My only complaint is that I CANNOT spin the daily wheel at all. It freezes my phone up and I have to close and reopen the app. Other than that its a great game!

So slow and freezes

I love this game, I’ve played it forever but it hates me. Every time I use it its super slow and doesn’t load. Then freezes and crashes. When it does work coins won’t load or it makes me restart to count it. 😤😒

Freakin Sweet

This game is lots of fun! I enjoy the show Family Guy so getting to serve the folks of Spooner Street is a real treat!

Awesome time waster

I’m addicted, my advice is to not put your credit card on file because temptation is incredibly strong! Love this game.

Boss fights



That last update seems to have done the trick! I can give this super-addictive game the 5 stars it (usually) deserves!!!

Extremely disappointed

What the heck?? I purchase coins, my purchase is confirmed (and the money comes out of my account) but I get no coins and KICKED OUT OF THE GAME!!! I am done with this game, very poor experience. This isn’t the first time I’ve reached out - never a response.

daily player

fix it pls

Really Good!

It’s hilarious and a ton of fun to play. Always runs super smooth for me as well. Awesome game.

Won’t open for two days now

This app has been crashing at start up for two days. I’m on an iPhone and iPad, same issue. I still get the alerts and would love to play but can’t. Are you all working on this? I love this game!

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